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Since 1978, Jancik Arts International, Inc. (JAI) has enhanced commercial and residential interiors with specialty Architectural Decorative Glass features, including stained glass and textured glass.  Close to 1,000 simple to complex designs have been created in the USA, from concept to installation, to satisfy the design intent of each structure where these made-to-order art glass features are housed around the globe.

Featuring specialty works from sculpture to light fixtures, interior decorative screens to structural framework, JAI features both practical and decorative architectural art metal applications for commercial settings.  Adapting to each design professional’s vision, the purely custom metal art works enhance the space and intrigue the viewer while maintaining structural integrity and timelessness.

Backed by more than 40 years of experience creating architectural art products for the hospitality, commercial, and residential markets, LUMINUX was formed to broaden the interior design treatments available to commercial architects and interior designers.

Using patent-pending technology, the LUMINUX process embeds custom graphics, rich textures, and artistic designs onto a mirror-like aluminum finish. The interplay between printed and unprinted textures creates a luminous effect to add shimmer, glisten, and light to the panel.

LUMINUX offers a plug-and-play method to add visual impact to interior spaces, integrate brand graphics into wall treatments, or solve specific design issues including dealing with small spaces or lack of natural lighting.



01  /  16  /  2023

The Migrate sculpture, located in North Carolina at the Fayetteville Regional Airport, features our new, exciting product called Luminux, consists of (83) 3 by 4-foot mirror-like panels, with a swirling graphic print.
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05  /  06  /  2023

All it took was one installer one afternoon to complete the installation of Luminux reflective wall panels for the Total on 1st Advanced Clinical Spa in Birmingham, Alabama.
Designer Anna Patton of CCR Architecture & Interiors understood perfectly the unique attributes of Luminux. Anna wanted the room to look much larger but didn’t want to introduce too much reflectivity; rather, she wished to enhance the natural light source originating from an adjacent wall.
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